Areas of Practice

I Nieuwoudt Attorneys

I Nieuwoudt Attorneys Legal Services

We have the passion and conviction of belief that every person is entitled to affordable legal advice and that no person should be turned away without their legal problems being solved.

Therefore, we offer the following legal services

Property / Real Estate Law

  • Transfer of properties
  • Conveyancing matters
  • Landlord-Tenant disputes with rental companies
  • Collections for body corporates
  • Consents to be issued by body corporates
  • Disputes and litigation resulting from property related matters
  • Drafting of lease and rental agreements
  • Drafting of sale agreements
  • Notarial certifications and contracts

Business / Corporate Law

  • Drafting of commercial Contracts
  • Legal opinions and advice with regard to legal aspects of business
  • Shareholders agreements other commercial contracts
  • Commercial Litigation
  • Company secretary

Estate Law Attorney / Estate Planning

  • Trusts registration and administration
  • Wills
  • Administration of Estates
  • Estate planning

Family & Divorce Law

  • Child Custody
  • Divorce
  • Maintenance

Private Practice Law

  • Civil Litigation
  • Action against defendants
  • Damage claims

Sequestrations & Rehabilitations

  • Willing Sequestrations
  • Forced Sequestrations
  • Rehabilitations

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